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Our Partners

Our Clients

We act predominantly as a wholesale insurance and reinsurance broker. That is to say that we deal with other insurance and reinsurance brokers, helping them to access specialist markets and developing innovative solutions for their clients.

We also deal with a wide range of insurance companies, for which we create reinsurance programs that allow them to better serve their own policyholders.

For insureds that are located in the UK and the EU, we act as a primary adviser and create insurance programs that help them to manage their more complex risks.

Our Insurers

We have an extensive network of underwriters around the world, with existing relationships in over 50 countries. From our London base we have access to Lloyd’s syndicates, other London Market insurers, and reinsurers globally.

We have close relationships with European and Bermudian insurers offering direct and reinsurance capacity, and frequently work with Asian and Middle Eastern reinsurers on a comprehensive range of products and solutions. When dealing with global markets, we approach the branch that are most likely to produce the best results for our clients.