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Getting to know the team:
Constance Dyson, COO

Describe your current job in 15 words

I’m the COO – I basically grease the wheels of commerce and try to keep everything (and everyone!) on the straight and narrow.

Favourite insurance fact

David Beckham’s legs were insured in Lloyd’s for £100,000,000!  

What did you do before you joined New Dawn Risk?

I spent my three years at university in a lab coat studying Cell Biology, then a brief stint at a stockbroking firm before finding my calling in insurance…

Tell us one thing about your career at New Dawn Risk that we don’t know.

On an early business trip to the USA, I drove a Fiat 500 over four hundred miles across the MidWest. I drew some odd looks at the traffic lights.

What is your hobby outside work?

Cooking curries and child-rearing.